IFSC Template

Bank Name: {{mpg_bank}}

Bank IFSC Code: {{mpg_ifsc}}

Branch Name: {{mpg_branch}}

Phone Number: {{mpg_branch}}

Here, you can find all the deatils of {{mpg_bank}} of Branch {{mpg_branch}}

Bank Name{{mpg_bank}}
Bank IFSC Code{{mpg_ifsc}}
Branch Name{{mpg_branch}}
Branch Phone{{mpg_phone}}
Branch Address{{mpg_address}}
Branch City{{mpg_city1}}
Branch City 2{{mpg_city2}}
Branch State{{mpg_state}}
Branch STD code{{mpg_std_code}}

{{mpg_bank}} {{mpg_branch}} IFSC Code

{{mpg_bank}} MICR code number consisting of 9 digits followed by a delimiter. The first 3 digits represent the city, the next 3 indicate the bank and the last 3 digits signify the branch. The 9 digit sort code is distinctive for any bank branch within the country. This MICR code is utilized in the RBI clearing process to identify its branch and bank for clearing processes. Real-Time Gross Settlement: RTGS System: funds transfer mechanism where the transfer of cash takes place from one bank to – another on a real-time and on a gross basis.